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Personal Injury

A car wreck, even with minimal injuries, is a frustrating event.  If you have the misfortune to be injured, it can be a colossal hassle.  From the moment of impact, you have a bunch of decisions to make, all of which require a clear head and plenty of time.  Usually the two things in shortest supply in your life.

First, you are hurting.  Maybe right after the impact, you do not feel anything.  But even in a minor fender bender, some significant forces have impacted your body.  A vehicle weighing at least a ton has struck your own vehicle.  Your body was pushed in some unexpected direction at the same time your seatbelt locked up to hold you in place.  Your head likely was unexpectedly jerked in one direction or another.

Hopefully, you are fine.  Maybe in a couple of days, when the initial shock wears off, you have some pain in your neck and back, but with aspirin or some minor physical therapy it goes away.  You do not have to miss any work.  That’s the best case scenario.  And hopefully, the other driver’s insurance company makes you a fair offer on your vehicle if it is totaled, or gives you a rental car while they pay for repairs.  You are put out some having to deal with paperwork for the rental car and maybe a trip or two to the doctor, but within a month you can move on and you are fine.  In that case, you do not need me.  You can go online to Kelly Blue Book or NADA, get the value of your car, negotiate a few hundred dollar settlement with the other side’s insurer, and you’re off and running again.  You do not need me, and you should be thankful, because you are going to be fine.

BUT, if you are not that lucky, here is where you need some help.  Perhaps you are injured more significantly, need to be in the hospital or going to extensive physical therapy, are missing work, and the other driver’s insurer will not call you back and you need a car.  Or they are calling you constantly, trying to get you to sign this or that, and you have no idea what it is because it is pure legalese.  Or maybe it is your family member that is injured, and significantly, and they cannot communicate and you have insurance adjusters calling you trying to get information while you are trying to deal with physicians and a devastating injury to your family, or even a death.

This is where I can help you.  If you have not dealt with these situations before, and now are thrown into it and still have all the other things we all deal with in daily life, including paying the bills, taking care of the kids, and trying to figure out how you are going to financially survive, it can get overwhelming.

I take over for you in dealing with the insurance company.  I explain your options with regard to your health insurance, getting reimbursement from your own car insurance medical payment provision, and looking under ever rock to find any source of funds to help you get your life back on track.   I assist you in negotiating for the value of your car, and determining what insurance options are out there for you, both from the person at fault and your own insurance policy.

Maybe you have been struck by someone who has only minimum insurance limits, and you have bills far in excess of that.  I can help you negotiate those down so you’re not stuck with a mountain of medical bills to go with your injuries.

In short, I will help you get through a very trying time filled with major decisions regarding your health and financial well being.  The initial consultation is free, and I am happy to answer any questions you have.