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Thank you Google Earth?

In connection with the previous post, here’s some of the upside to the technological revolution and a look at shopping for real estate in the not-so-distant future from 1000Watt Consulting:

I fire up the real estate search app on my tablet. The app greets me by name and welcomes me into the experience. With only the slightest gesture, I flick the app towards my TV and I’m now viewing it on the 60″ razor-thin display that’s hanging on my wall.

The tablet is location-aware and so knows I’m at home. The property search algorithm understands that most people buy their next home within 12 miles of their current location, so default search results start to show up automatically according to those parameters. Since the app is also tied to the cloud, it has a limitless memory, and therefore starts to correlate and stack results according to my past behavior and preferences.

The magic of spending the day driving through the streets, analyzing the quality of the cars in the driveway, seeing if their are other kids in the neighborhood, etc. are probably over. Or at least will take a lot less time. I guess that’s good.

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