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Social Media is the Debbil!!!

Along with girls.

That’s not quite the point of this post from a San Francisco based real estate blog, Blog by the Bay, but you get the idea:

Do the updates make you appear desperate, motivated, anxious? As a buyer or seller, your social status updates can have serious and significant ramifications in your home sale or purchase. Your words in online forums can and will be used against you when you negotiate on a home purchase if you have a savvy and aware negotiator on the other side. The key in negotiations is knowing the motivations of the other party. Social status updates of both you and/or your real estate can inadvertently provide information to the other party that could be costly.

Not only you, though, also

Before you hire your real estate agent, you may want to look and see what they are posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Do they talk about their clients and transactions? Even “generic” complaints or comments can harm a transaction. Sure, they didn’t post the client’s name or address, but hey, they only had one listing! Which listing do you think they might be talking about? Yours? Make sure their words in online forums don’t cost you too!

Smart advice.

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