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Future of Tourist Lodging?

Ran across this new business in the NY Times business section, airbnb.com, which is a novel idea (Ashton Kutcher got in early!). If you want to earn a little money from your property, even if you’re still living there and it’s just one room, you can put it on this site, and travelers can book it nightly.

Kind of like Vacation Rental by Owner and Home Away, but again, the owner may be there when you stay. I’ve used VRBO before for a trip to Seaside, Florida, and it was great. However, I think this site is better because of the interface, with an easy click to the map and the street view. One of the easiest travel sites to navigate that I’ve seen.

I’d be open to doing it if I didn’t have little kids at home, I think. And I’d definitely be open to staying in one.

No Arkansas properties yet, so one of you could be the first!

(Remember, you don’t have to report any income received for a rental of your home of less than 15 days, according to IRS rules. That’s how people whose homes are featured on home makeover shows get away with not paying taxes on the improvements. They sign a lease, probably with the production company.)

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