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Branson Landing

If you’ve been to Branson lately, you’ve probably been to Branson Landing. While it’s a beautiful place, apparently things aren’t great with it financially.

It’s an old post, but Harry Styron takes a look at some of the problems with it, mostly revolving around TIF financing. The embedded link in his post doesn’t work, but this one should get you up to speed. TIF financing was hot in Arkansas briefly for about 5 years ago, but enthusiasm waned quickly.

Mr. Styron’s summary of Branson’s position is succint, and some might say harsh, but it isn’t wrong:

The TIF-financing, especially with the state’s portion thrown in, proved irresistible. Branson Landing has brightened the image of Branson and made Branson a much more attractive destination. Those faced with allocating the city’s revenues will never know whether Branson Landing, as built, was the best choice, but they’ll have to play the hand they were dealt or step aside.

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