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Building a New Way of Life

Not just a house, but a new way of living is what Jerry Lowery wants to create in Madison County:

“We’re going to build eco-friendly homes and market them to retiring Baby Boomers who have lost part of their income,” he said. “We’ll also show them how to raise a garden, raise cattle, have chickens, grow fruit trees and live off the land as much as possible.”

Lowery said he will build each home about 1,000-square foot.

He’s going to offer a full package, including 5 acres, and a “custom tailored agri survival plan” somewhere in Eastern Madison County for $150,000.

It’s a niche market, although being from that part of Arkansas, I know enough back to the landers who might be interested. I imagine one of the major difficulties will be finding comps to justify appraisals for financing. But it’s a cool idea and I wish Mr. Lowery luck.

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