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Withrow Springs

Now for some Arkansas Property that belongs to all of us, Withrow Springs State Park, near Huntsville. Last fall Fayetteville’s Free Weekly published a piece I did on a day there. An excerpt:

It was truly the perfect fall morning, and we never saw another hiker. The hike took us a leisurely three hours, including a good hour at the playground, and everyone was still in a great mood. Possibly the only drawback to the trails is the noise from the constant stream of motorcycles headed to and from Eureka Springs, but I imagine on any day other than a Saturday there is significantly less traffic. Even with that noise, though, the well-marked trails, frequent wooden benches to rest on and multiple bathrooms along the path make it a hiking loop that’s hard to beat if you’ve got little kids. The cliffs and slight slope also make it more enjoyable than the typical flat paved kids’ trail.

Full article, with photos by Richard Davis, is here.

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