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Commercial movement

The Business Journal has the scoop on several Arkansas multifamily projects. Wish they’d told us who financed them.

Also, National Real Estate Investor magazine has a take on a firm that specializes in retail property turnarounds and includes this passage:

“I really don’t think the recovery in retail is so smooth,” says Victor Calanog, vice president of research and economics at Reis. “Vacancies are still going to be in bouncy territory over the course of this year at least.”

That sentiment has many questioning just how far the recovery has progressed. “For distressed retail, we are probably in the third inning of a nine-inning game, which could go into extra innings,” says Gerry Mason, executive managing director at New York-based Savills, a global real estate advisory firm.

And from WSJ Developments, a roundup of charts related to real estate, including one showing the uptick in CMBS.

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