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Real Estate

Real estate is one of my favorite subjects.  I love land.  I’ve bought and sold rental units, multi and single family, I’ve renovated and flipped property, and I’ve bought raw land as a speculative investment.  I’ve done these things on my own, and with partners, both family and non-family.

In terms of representing clients, I have at this point handled nearly every type of case involving land.  Among those are:

  1. Adverse possession and boundary line claims;
  2. Representing contractors against homeowners who will not pay;
  3. Representing homeowners against contractors who fail to perform;
  4. Filing and defending mechanic’s lien cases;
  5. Litigating cases involving water rights and migrating streams;
  6. Forming LLCs for land development or investment purposes;
  7. Quieting title on tax sales;
  8. Preparing restrictive covenants and forming property owners associations;
  9. Battling city government regarding use restrictions;
  10. Representing governmental entities regarding taxation issues.
  11. Contracts for the purchase and sale of commercial and residential real estate;
  12. Evictions of tenants who refuse to pay;

I have handled all of these things and still every week someone comes in with some new set of facts involving real estate.  I think I enjoy it so much because land is the most tangible form of wealth.  Sure, gold and silver are tangible, but their use is limited.  With land, you can rent it, you can harvest timber from it, you can graze cattle on it, you can live on it or even mine it.  The only drawback is that it can lack liquidity and it has recurring taxes.

My experience, both for myself and behalf of my clients, has given me a broad base of knowledge regarding real estate and the variety of challenges and problems working with it and maximizing or preserving its value.  If you have a legal issue regarding real estate, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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