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Arkansas Property Code – #1

The Arkansas Property Code is contained in one book, Title 18. You can buy it from Lexis if you want the book version, and you can find it in pdf format here. I believe if you want to just buy the one book from Lexis it’s about $50, and you pay a few dollars every year or so in updates.

Starting with this post, we’re going to cover it from start to finish, since if I’m going to have a website about Arkansas property, at least real property, I should discuss the actual statutes. I will not be covering personal property at this point though. Although I may throw in something interesting if I run across it.

First section – 18-1-101, entitled Lien Holder Form.

Real simple. If you are asserting a lien in land, you need to have the following information in the document you file:

1. Your name;
2. Your address;
3. Your telephone number;
4. Name and contact info of someone authorized to release the lien.

Only other thing of note is if you’re doing what’s known as a statutory foreclosure, which is 18-50-501 et seq, and it’s based on a lien without this information, you have to publish notice of the foreclosure. We’ll get to statutory foreclosures down the line.

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