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News Roundup

November new home sales decline but the news overall appears to be improving:

Despite the poor showing from new home buyers, the housing market has been recovering from the worst downturn in decades, largely due to a massive infusion of federal assistance. New home sales are up 8 percent from the bottom in January but 74 percent below the peak in July 2005. Compared with November last year, sales were off 9 percent.

So is it up or down? This post on the WSJ blog attempts to make sense of it.

US home value losses stabilize.

Mortgage apps declined last week, which the linked article attributes to the holidays.

Predictions for 2010 in the commercial real estate market. Key quote:

$1.4 trillion in commercial real estate debt maturing through 2010, limited capital and 7 million job losses since the start of the recession. Despite the sour-tasting mixture, signs of liquidity returning to the market as well as stellar buying opportunities may make next year a bit more palatable for investors.

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